The $5 Fix! How to mount a power strip for under $10

Power tools need power... sounds logical enough! We've got a quick, easy, and affordable solution to mounting a power outlet strip to your Wall Control pegboard panels.

We also have a guide for mounting larger outlet strip rails you can view here.

For this project, you will need the following four items. We linked what we used, however, you may have some of these lying around your home or garage:
 Step 1) Collect Supplies listed above; a one-foot power strip, Double Sided Tape, a 14in Accessory Hanger (10-AH-014), and Scissors.

Step 2) Stick the tape onto the back of the power outlet strip.

Step 3) Cut tape when you have reached the desired length and press the tape firmly onto the power strip.

Step 4) Peel off the backing layer of the tape to reveal the other adhesive side.

Step 5) Press the accessory hanger onto the tape. Make sure you have the power strip facing the desired direction as it is hard to remove once stuck. The photo below shows the hanger in the correct upright position.

Step 6) Hang the power strip on Wall Control! For help attaching Wall Control accessories, you can view our How-To Guide for a video or view instructions here.