Back to School Organization with Wall Control Pegboards

Pegboard for Classroom Pegboard for School
 Wall Control organizers are great for back to school organization at home or in the class room. Pictured above are a couple of Wall Control’s 8” x 32” Runner Combination Metal Pegboard panels mounted side by side with a few U-Hooks and Shelf Assemblies to create a great storage area for book bags, jackets, lunch boxes, and virtually any other hangable item that tends to clutter up floor space in the home or in the classroom.
Pegboard for Children's Bed Room
 Wall Control tool boards are also a great addition to children’s playrooms or bedrooms for easy, changeable storage space. Just a single Wall Control panel can go a long way in organizing clutter prone items while dressing up an otherwise empty wall.

Another great benefit to Wall Control metal pegboard tool board panels is that they accept magnets! The image below illustrates how magnets can be used to keep track of notes and reminders or any documents or pictures you might want to attach to you panels.
Pegboard for Bed Room Organization
Wall Control’s pegboard versatility goes far beyond just the garage and shop but can help create useable and effective storage space throughout the home!

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