Hanging Bins & Cabinets on Wall Control Pegboard

Wall Control was designed to be the most versatile tool storage and organization system available and one major reason we can make that claim is that unlike almost all other tool storage and organization systems on the market today, Wall Control’s system actually integrates other manufacturer’s accessories very easily on the Wall Control pegboards. When you purchase a Wall Control metal peg board you are not limiting yourself to only Wall Control tool board accessories. Almost any accessory that is intended for conventional pegboard use or to be “wall-mounted” can attach to or be utilized with Wall Control metal pegboard panels.

The image below illustrates this wide range of versatility that is offered by Wall Control metal pegboard panels. In this picture there is a cabinet bin assembly from one manufacturer being hung from Wall Control panels, conventional pegboard pegs for multiple manufactures being utilized, as well as many other Wall Control slotted accessories all being used in Wall Control metal pegboard.

Peg Board Bins

Wall Control Standard Hooks (pictured here in hand) are specially designed to integrate with the eye-holes located in the back of almost all wall-mounted accessories thus making almost all wall-mounted accessories from any manufacturer a Wall Control accessory! These plastic cabinet bins mount perfectly to Wall Control panels with the use of Wall Control Standard Hooks.

This type of above-and-beyond tool storage versatility is what puts Wall Control Storage Systems in a league of its own!

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