Industrial Metal Pegboard – Heavy Duty Tool Storage & Organization

Industrial Pegboard

Today we wanted to highlight some of our industrial strength metal pegboard supplies that can be used to create effective tool storage space in industrial environments where a more rugged and durable tool storage solution is needed over and above conventional pegboard or weaker plastic pegboard.

Wall Control industrial tool boards can be used to organize heavy duty tools like sledge hammers and over-sized hand tools like those pictured here.

metal pegboard

When Wall Control metal pegboard is properly installed it can even be utilized to organize very heavy items like the tractor battery shown below. This tractor battery is being held on a heavy duty 9” metal tool board shelf that is attached to an industrial strength galvanized metal pegboard panel which is anchored to wall studs in a barn environment.

Heavy Duty Pegboard

The galvanized and powder-coated finishes of our industrial strength tool board not only create an attractive heavy duty tool storage location but also protect against rust and corrosion making them the perfect tool storage solution in barns, sheds, garages, and other environments that might be moist, humid, or otherwise grimy throughout the year causing conventional pegboard to warp and deteriorate over time.

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