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Used in almost every home or garage across the country, pegboard is no stranger to anyone, but neither are the shortcomings of this very common storage system. At last there is a system that integrates the convenience of the old traditional peg and board storage system with the improved performance of a thoughtfully engineered contemporary product.

 Wall Control Pegboard Organizers

Atlanta, GA – Wall Control, located just east of Atlanta Georgia has solved a common household problem, pegboard storage. For years the only option for tool storage and organization was the same old perforated pressboard that has been around for decades. The problem is that traditional pressboard panels can warp, crack, fray and absorb moisture rendering them unattractive and ineffective.  Wall Control, has developed a new all steel pegboard panel that incorporates a very secure hook and shelving system. These durable steel panels are available in a variety of attractive powder-coated colors.

Wall Control’s metal pegboard panels solve five key wall mounted storage problems; Durability, Strength, Versatility, Ease of Installation, and Attractive Appearance

Durability   Wall Control’s strong metal panel prevents the pegboard holes from fraying and wearing out over time. Traditional pegboard panels quickly wear out with use and eventually the pegboard hooks will no longer stay engaged in their peg hole, falling out when the tool is removed. Our panel face, manufactured from 20 gauge steel ensures that Wall Control’s system will last many times longer than traditional pegboard products. 

Strength   Traditional pegboard is weak by nature of the material it is made from. The strength of steel combined with a formed flange around the perimeter make Wall Control’s metal pegboard panels over 10 times stronger than conventional pegboard.  More strength equals more storage.

Versatility   Wall Control’s unique Combo style panels allow the user the option of utilizing traditional pegboard hooks as well as our own patented, much more secure, “double offset” hook and slot design. Engineered for both secure engagement and ease of movement, Wall Control’s Hooks, Brackets, Shelves and Accessories will install easily and stay put. The versatility of these storage panels is also highlighted by the all-steel shelving system that Wall Control panels support. At last there is a pegboard system that has the ability to support substantial weight on a matching, integrated shelving system.

Ease of installation     Ease of installation was a key criterion during the design phase of this pegboard system. Manufactured with a built-in flange on all four sides, the Wall Control storage panel requires no pre-built framework and mounts directly to any flat surface. The flange spaces the panel’s perforated face away from the wall so that the hooks, brackets, and shelves will engage with no wasted area. The convenient 16”x 32” standard size and modular design make it is easy to handle and a snap to install.

Attractive Appearance   Available in eight durable, scratch resistant, powder-coated colors, Wall Control Storage Systems truly are suitable for use in any room in the house. The baked-on finish resists stains and wipes clean. Wall Control Storage Systems are at home in the kitchen as well as the garage.

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