Pegboard for Garden Tool Storage and Organization

pegboard garden tool storage 

Wall Control’s powder-coated metal tool boards make great garden tool organizers for any shed or garage wall. Get your garden tools up off the floor and organized with Wall Control metal pegboard panels and powder-coated tool boards.

Wall Control offers several stocked tool board sizes that allow the user to create attractive and useful pegboard storage space out of areas where space is limited. Whether you are creating garden tool storage space in a closest where horizontal space is limited or along a wall where horizontally oriented panels are desired, Wall Control has your pegboard garden tool storage needs covered.

peg board garden tool storage

Another great advantage of the Wall Control tool board system is the high quality and durability of the panel’s finish. The attractive finish on Wall Control metal tool board prevents the panels from warping, rusting, or wearing out like conventional pegboard does when exposed to the moist and dirty environment associated with gardening and garden tool storage.

If these boards get wet or dirty you just wipe them off with a damp rag and they’re good as new! Try doing that with regular pegboard!

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