Pegboard Product Feature: Horizontally Oriented Pegboard Panels

horizontal peg board
Wall Control’s combination metal pegboard panels feature both round conventional pegboard holes as well as vertical tool board slots. The round conventional pegboard holes are punched on 1 inch centers both vertically and horizontally so panel orientation is not critical for use with only conventional pegboard hooks and accessories.

However, panel orientation is critical for panel use with Wall Control’s slotted hooks and accessories. The slots in Wall Control panels need to be vertical in order to use Wall Control’s slotted hooks and accessories in Wall Control metal pegboard tool boards

metal pegboard
Wall Control’s horizontally oriented metal pegboard panels are great in areas where vertical space is limited. Wall control offers 2.5”, 8”, and 16” tall horizontally oriented panels. 
horizontal metal peg board 
Horizontal Pegboard
Wall Control’s standard 16” x 32” vertical panels can also be used horizontally but only if conventional pegboard pegs and accessories are to be used. In order to use Wall Control’s slotted hooks and accessories the panels must be mounted so that the slots are in the vertical direction.

So in summary… for conventional round pegboard peg use only, panel orientation does not matter. For Wall Control slotted tool board accessories, the slots in the panels must be vertical.

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