Pegboard Product Feature: Wall Control Pegboard Bins

pegboard bins

Wall Control’s plastic hanging pegboard bins add a lot of versatility to the Wall Control metal pegboard system.

The plastic pegboard hanging bins utilize the Wall Control 14” Accessory Hanger for attachment to Wall Control pegboard and tool board panels. The 14” Accessory hanger engages in the slots of the Wall Control tool board and pegboard panels and then the plastic hanging bins are suspended by the lip on the rear of the individual bins that “hangs” onto the Accessory Hanger.

The image below helps to illustrate the connection of the Plastic Hanging Bins and the Accessory Hangers.

 peg board bins

Thanks to the clear finish of the bins pictured above you can identify the 14” Accessory Hanger that is being utilized to hang the bins from the pegboard panel face.

Wall Control offers a 14” Accessory Hanger and an 8” Accessory Hanger that can be utilized for any bin that features the required “lip” needed for hanging on the Accessory Hangers regardless of bin model or manufacturer. All of Wall Control’s Plastic Hanging Bins offer this functionality

Wall Control’s Pegboard Hanging Bins can also be utilized separate from the Wall Control tool board or pegboard panels as a stand alone item on a work surface or desk.

The Plastic Hanging Bins are also stack-able to maximize small item storage in places where space is limited.

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