Tack Storage Horse Bridle Storage & Organization with Wall Control Pegboard

Wall Control metal pegboard works great in garages, tool rooms, industrial tool cribs, as well as in the craft and hobby room, and even in the kitchen and pantry but did you know that Wall Control metal pegboard is a great storage solution on the farm or ranch for tack storage such as horse bridles and farming equipment?

tack organization peg board
 Wall Control metal pegboard and tool board accessories work great for horse bridle storage and tack room organization. Wall Control metal pegboards can’t be beat for storing and organizing general farming equipment or for general ranching supplies storage thanks to their strength and durability in harsh environments. So whether you hope to store a few rakes in an outdoor barn or you hope to tackle some general tack organization such as horse bridle storage, Wall Control metal pegboard has you covered.

The strength of Wall Control metal pegboards allow the tool board panels to support ample weight allowing them to be able to effectively store horse tackle such as horse bridles and blankets.

horse bridle storage peg board

The powder-coated and galvanized finishes that can be found on Wall Control metal pegboards create an attractive and rust-resistant finish that can withstand the abuse that often comes with a tack storage environment and won’t warp, fray, or wear out like conventional pegboard will under the conditions of most tack storage rooms or barns.

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