Wall Control Pegboard for Every Room

Kitchen Pegboard Tool Board

One of the greatest advantages of the Wall Control metal pegboard system is that it can be utilized in virtually every room in the home or office. Wall Control metal pegboard is great for garage tool storage and organization but can also be utilized in the craft and hobby room as a wall organizer, in the kitchen for pots and pans, and in your place of business as a heavy duty tool organizer or in the office as a magnetic desk organizer that accepts shelves for books and files.

This blog post will highlight a few of the many applications that make Wall Control metal pegboard a perfect fit for any room in the home or office.

Wall Control Pegboard for Garage Tool Storage

Garage peg board Toolboards

Wall Control’s expansive line of hooks, accessories, and shelves makes Wall Control the ideal solution for garage organization. Wall Control metal pegboard offers all the functionality of traditional pegboard and takes the tool storage and garage organization options to the next level by offering increased strength, durability, and many more tool storage options by accepting multiple varieties of pegboard and tool board hooks as well as metal tool board shelves.

 Wall Control Pegboard for Kitchen & Pantry Storage & Organization

Julia Childs Kitchen Pegboard Pots Pans

Wall Control’s metal pegboard and slotted tool board go great in any kitchen. If you are after a storage solution for your bulky pots and pans that only take up cabinet space, Wall Control has the answer. Hanging pots and pans on Wall Control tool board creates additional cabinet space and gives your kitchen that “Julia Childs” pegboard look and feel with a product that will not rust, warp, or wear out like traditional pegboard will over time. If you want a lifetime pegboard solution in your kitchen, Wall Control is your answer.

Wall Control Pegboard for Desk or Office Storage & Organization

Desk Organizer Tool Board Shelves

Wall Control’s sleek look and magnetic panels not only create an aesthetically pleasing solution to an otherwise bland office wall but also create storage space out of wasted space instantaneously. By putting up a few Wall Control tool board panels you will have dressed up your wall and made it a versatile and functional space that can accept shelves for book and file storage, magnets for posting important notes, hooks and accessories for hanging binders and other items that just take up space and clutter desks and drawers.

Wall Control Pegboard for Commercial and Industrial Use

Industrial Shelving Pegboard End Caps

 The strength and durability of Wall Control’s industrial grade metal pegboard make Wall Control the perfect solution for warehouse tool storage, tool crib storage, pegboard for pallet racking, packing station pegboard organization, and even pegboard for diagnostic tool storage in the technology industry where sterile, clean tool storage solutions are required.

Non Static Metal Pegboard

Wall Control metal pegboard and tool board storage panels are a great solution for just about any room in the home or office. Here at Wall Control we always say that a wall is a terrible thing to waste and with Wall Control metal pegboards and tool boards you can maximum the space of any room that has a wall!

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