Summer Storage and Organization Tips To Get You Ready For Your Fun Summer Plans!

Here at Wall Control we’re all about keeping you organized. As summer arrives we know things change. It can get a little hectic between kids being home, vacations, and all the activities that come with the season. We want your summer to be as relaxing as possible. Having and organized home will help out big time. We hope these helpful tips will keep you organized so you can make the most of this summer.

An Outdoor Hanging Rack - Summer fun outdoors is the best! It can come with big or messy equipment though. Wrangle your lawn chairs, sandy toys and tools, wet towels and swimsuits, and other items that belong outside by setting up a place to hang them. This will keep them in a designated spot, ready for their next use, and out of your house so there is less mess for you to clean.
Make an "On-The-Go" Game/Toy Bag - Summertime calls for vacations and road trips! If you're traveling with little ones it can be hard to keep them occupied in the car or on the many outings they join you on since school is out! Create a small game bag that you can quickly grab for that long outing or car ride. You can also quickly grab one game out of it to bring along on that errand or appointment since you know right where it is. 

A Catch-All Spot Near the Entryway - Summer comes with lots of fun and activities and with that comes a lot of little items that can easily get scattered around the house. Keep that sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, beach/pool bags, hats, and other frequently used items under control by creating a zone to drop all of that stuff when you come in the door so that it doesn't make its way all over your home and you don't have to run around collecting everything the next time you go out.

Have a Designated Space for Storing Winter Items - The process of switching out stuff along with the seasons can be a daunting task. It will be a lot less painful if you create a specific location for seasonal things. Label some bins or get a rack specifically for the winter items. This will make it easy for you to put away this year as well as next year when you need to get it all out again. When things have a location where they belong you can rest assured you know where things are and that they are out of the way.

An Awesome Grill Station - There's nothing quite like grilling out in the summer time. Keep that area tidy and ready to go by making a station to keep all your tools and supplies at your fingertips with a pegboard grill station.

Plan ahead in order to Free up your Time - We often get caught up thinking we don't have time to organize. However if you take the time to organize and plan your time you will have more of it! This will give you more opportunity to relax and be spontaneous! Do this by listing your priorities. Once you know what you want to do you can organize and plan that part of your schedule. This next tip sounds obvious but it is so important. Write it down! Keep a calendar or a planner. This will clear your mind of all the plans you are trying to remember and it will be an easy reference for you so you can stay on track and best decide how to spend your free time!

(A calendar is a great addition to your wall control entryway!)

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