College Apartment Decorating Ideas to Keep Students Organized

We know how much fun moving in and out during college and young adulthood is so we want to help make the most of your space while you're there. Whether it's a dorm, apartment, house, or wherever you call home, Wall Control is the perfect organization piece. Our pegboards can be used in countless ways. Keep scrolling to check out some of our favorite set ups to find an idea perfect for you. And yeah, we know we said college but really these ideas are awesome for anyone's room!

This desk set up is awesome for keeping school supplies organized... And lets be honest, those keys and wallet are hard to keep track of, so let Wall Control keep up with those smaller things for you too. 

One of our favorite things about Wall Control is that it looks great and it's functional! Use it as functional decoration to store and show off photos, plants, and other fun stuff.

This great and stylish desk set up using our awesome orange panels was featured in this Real Simple article.

Everyone needs a good charging station! Wall Controls Fun Size (12x16in) Panels are perfect for all the little electronics. 

Wall Control is also a great storage rack for backpacks and hats. Works great right next to the door so you can grab and go!

Need some small organization? Fun Size Panels work for that too! They make for the perfect magnet board with the benefits of pegboard.

Breaks are important! So when you need to relax for a little while you can reach for a remote off of a Wall Control Pegboard video game storage set up!

Jewelry organization can be hard so check out this DIY design from Mother Daughter projects to spice up our fun size board into a cute jewelry hanger.

Having an organized space can be so energizing and motivating! We'd love to know what your favorite organization hack is. Got any tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments! 

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For more great ideas check out Wall Control's Pinterest Page.