Wall Control Firearm and Gun Storage Guide

Our goal is to provide an affordable, safe, stable, and good looking solution to Firearm and gun storage because all of those things matter! Welcome to the guide that can make your gun storage dreams come true and everyone else jealous.  

In this blog we will cover:
  • Common ways to store firearms and guns 
  • A how-to guide on rubber coating hooks and accessories for extra protection.
  • A customer example photo gallery.
  • A list of popular hooks and accessories to store firearms.


A Wall Control tactical firearm storage system is a great solution as a personal home organization system or as a shooting range storage rack. Wall Control Pegboard storage systems are modular allowing you to build out the perfect organizer for a gun collection. There are many different solutions using Wall Control to create a custom gun rack organization layout to meet your specific needs. There are countless ways to use each hook and accessory in our system which provides a wide variety of ways to accomplish any task using Wall Control, this is great because we know gun collections and storage preferences vary from person to person and manufacturer to manufacturer. Add on some rubber coating to the edges of the hooks for extra protection and you have an easy first-class gun storage closet in your home, shed, or gun range.

How to Mount Firearms using A wall control pegboard Gun RACK STORAGE SYSTEM

 Store handguns and pistols with a 9 Inch Shelf (ASM-SH-1609) and shelf dividers (10-DV-009) like the awesome gun rack storage system below.

A common way to organize with a vertical gun rack storage system is to use a 9 Inch Shelf (ASM-SH-1609), a pair of Gun Brackets (10-SB-006), and a 1-1/4in Barrel Holder (10-HH-2050) as seen in the photos below. You will set the stock of the firearm on the shelf, the barrel holder will stabilize the barrel in place and the brackets add further stabilization and support, preventing the firearm from rotating or falling off of the rack.
Our standard vertical 32in tall x 16in wide pegboard panel has 15 slots across. The Barrel holder uses 3 slots at a time allowing this vertical firearm storage set up to hold up to 5 different firearms and guns per panel. We also offer a larger 2in Barrel Holder (10-HH-3050). Three 2in Barrel Holders and one 1-1/4in Barrel Holders will fit across one 32in Tall x 16in Wide Wall Control Metal Slotted Pegboard Panel.

For Horizontal Firearm Storage U-Hooks (10-UH-003) are a great solution. A slanted U-Hook (10-BOE-007) is great for holding the barrel and a regular U-Hook for the Stock. It is easy to adjust their spacing to fit a variety of different types of firearms and guns. See the photo below for an example layout.

Through customer feedback, we have found our pegboard gun storage racks and rubber-coated gun hooks to be compatible with the following brands: Smith & Wesson, Remington, Ruger, SIG Sauer, Heckler and Koch, Mossberg, Colt Defense, Beretta, Springfield, Barrett, Browning, Winchester, Benelli, Kimber, FN Herstal, Thompson, Bushmaster, Knight's Armament, Stag Arms, Daniel Defense, Steyr, Taurus, and Walther Arms.

Rubber Coating Protection 

We want your gear to be stored safely and securely, remaining in great condition. Use Rubber Coating (AO-RUBRCT-B) to add protective padding to hooks and accessories. The rubber liner can be found in the Add-On section of our online store helping to protect against potential paint scuffs. 

View our Rubber Coating guide for more information on how to use the liner on Wall Control Hooks Here. View an example of the Rubber Liner in action below.


Gun Closet Organizer Firearm Rack Organization Display 
NERF Gun Wall Storage
Paintball and Airsoft Gun Storage Organization Gun Storage and Workbench 
Gun Rack Storage Closet
Gun Wall Storage Display Gun Wall Storage 
Gun Wall Storage Display Organizer


We have conveniently dropped the links to all of the Hooks and Accessories for gun storage products that have been highlighted in the blog below. These hooks and accessories are the most commonly used for gun racks and tactical firearm organization:
Slanted U-Hook
Rubber Liner
6" Stabilizing Brackets
9" Shelf
2"x2" C-Bracket
1-1/4in Barrel Holder
4" U-Hook
3" U-Hook