The Ultimate Video Game Storage Guide

We are covering yet another awesome use for Wall Control Slotted Metal Pegboard! Just goes to show the versatility of Wall Control beyond the garage, we're here for you gamers too! This guide will show how to use our pegboard organizer system to easily to create the ultimate gaming set up for storing/displaying consoles, PC's, and peripherals.

We will kick things off by handing it over to our Brand Ambassador, Game Dave, a true expert on all things video games. Check out his video guide to game wall storage and see his giant video game collection storage and display! Dave also shares some helpful techniques and advice on video game storage. Visit his Brand Ambassador page to follow and learn more about Game Dave.


Wall Control Metal Pegboards steel construction makes it durable and strong making it a great solution for storing consoles and PCs with its modular style and strength. If you store multiple consoles or a heavy PC, mount into studs for maximum wall storage stability and strength.

Items used in the ultimate gaming pegboard wall storage setup pictured above:
  • 6 Inch Shelf Assembly (ASM-SH-1606) - (top left) holding a Nintendo Switch and Steam Link
  •  9 Inch Shelf Assembly (ASM-SH-1609) with a Shelf Divider (10-DV-009) - (bottom left) can accommodate an Xbox One, Xbox 360, and a Playstation 4,
  • 12 Inch Shelf Assembly (ASM-SH-1609) - (right side) two 12 Inch Shelves hold our custom gaming PC. 
If you mount the shelves leaving one row of slots open at the bottom it allows enough room for storage bins and/or controllers.


Headset Storage Closeup

We use a Medium Hook (10-HM-002) as a solution to store and organize headsets/headphones. The length of the Medium hook is perfect for the headset to sit on the plastic without damaging or causing indentations on the cushion, but all headsets are a little different so this may not be the case for everyone. Other hooks may work as a better solution for your unique headset. 


We have a variety of mainstream controllers that we have experimented with to find the best solution for each one. If you have a controller or solution that is not listed here we'd love to hear from you!

We use our rubber liner (AO-RUBRCT-B) on the hooks to give them a little extra grip and to prevent any scratches [or scuffs 😉].

Scuf PS4 Controller

Our favorite method for storing a Scuf PS4 controller and similar PS4 controllers with paddles is using a pair of Curved Tip Hooks (10-HZ-103) along with a 90 Degree Bend Hook (10-HM-R02) or 1in x 1in C-Bracket (10-CB-011). 

The 90 Degree Hook or C-Bracket is placed behind the controller to prop it up, otherwise, the controller will not sit upright since it is thinner. Conveniently the 90 Degree Hook or 1in x 1in C-Brackets can double to hold a micro-USB cable so that you can charge, store, and display your controller. 

3in U-Hooks (10-UH-003) will work as well but it is harder to get the controller out if it is being stored directly beneath a shelf.

Dualshock 4 PS4 Controller

Storing the Dualshock 4 PS4 Controller is the same as the Scuf PS4 Controller / PS4 Controller with paddles. Use a pair of Curved Tip Hooks and place either a 90-Degree Bend Hook or 1in x 1in C-Bracket behind the controller to prop it up. The 90-Degree Hook and 1in x 1in C-Bracket can also be used to hold cables if desired. 

Xbox One Controller

Curved Tip Hooks are also our favorite way to hold the Xbox One Controller. This controller is tall and thick enough to support itself without needing an extra bracket or hook to prop it up like the PS4 controllers. We do not recommend storing this controller with the U-Hooks as it tends to slide off easily.

Xbox 360 Controller

Surprise, Curved Tip Hooks turned out to be our favorite way to store this one as well! The controller is tall and thick enough to support itself without the additional hook or bracket propped behind it. We do not recommend U-Hooks for storing the Xbox 360 Controller as it tends to slide off. 


In this photo, there is a Playstation 4 on a 9 Inch Shelf Assembly, two Dualshock 4 controllers on 3in U-Hooks, and a headset on a 6 Inch Extended Reach Hook. This a perfect customer example of how to store and display your Wall Control Metal Pegboard Gaming System Storage Display.

This example photo was sent to us by Nathan displaying how he uses Wall Control as a charging station and storage for Virtual Reality Equipment.