How to Store Power Tools on a Budget - Drill and Tool Storage Rack for Under $50

How To Build a Power Tool and Drill Storage Rack for less than $50

A clean and organized garage or tool shed doesn't have to break the bank!

Essential Items:

Holds 2-3 Power Tool storage racks, depending on spacing. Upgrade to a colored panel or a 2-pack (w/ additional cost). All Wall Control Pegboards are made from heavy-duty 20 gauge steel that allows for lasting, strong, and durable storage.


Available in black, white, red and blue. Each rack has three storage compartments for battery-operated tools plus three storage slots on top to hold the rechargeable battery. The storage rack accommodates a wide range of cordless drills, impact drills, compact drills, and universally most battery power tool drivers. It can also accommodate battery-powered tools such as a nail gun, reciprocating saw, Dremel tool, and more! (can also accommodate some corded tools depending on how they are arranged in the holder)

This total comes to $22.97 + $19.97 = $42.94

Add on Extra items to complete your system and still stay within our $50 budget! All orders over $50 receive free shipping at

Popular Extras:

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