How to Store Power Tools on a Budget - Drill and Tool Storage Rack for Under $50

How To Build a Power Tool and Drill Storage Rack for less than $50

A clean and organized garage or tool shed doesn't have to break the bank!

Essential Items:

Holds 2-3 Power Tool storage racks, depending on spacing. Upgrade to a colored panel or a 2-pack (w/ additional cost). All Wall Control Pegboards are made from heavy-duty 20 gauge steel that allows for lasting, strong, and durable storage.


Available in black, white, red and blue. Each rack has three storage compartments for battery-operated tools plus three storage slots on top to hold the rechargeable battery. The storage rack accommodates a wide range of cordless drills, impact drills, compact drills, and universally most battery power tool drivers. It can also accommodate battery-powered tools such as a nail gun, reciprocating saw, Dremel tool, and more! (can also accommodate some corded tools depending on how they are arranged in the holder)

This total comes to $25.97 + $19.97 = $45.94

Add on extra items for more functional storage on your power tool organizer system! All orders over $50 receive free shipping at

Popular Extras:

            A shelf is a great spot for chargers to make the rack an ultimate charging station and storage                    space. Add a shelf guard to keep them from slipping off and to make things look nice and tidy.

          If you need to wrangle cords these hooks are what you want.

          If you have miscellaneous tools that you want stored within reach grab a few packs of hooks and              hang 'em up!

          Charging power tools requires an outlet so pop one right onto your pegboard for easy access.
          ***For our $5 fix outlet guide view our blog here!***

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