Hangtime Customized Wall Control Pegboard

We have partnered with HangTime to bring you custom and specialty printed Wall Control Pegboard! 

You need a storage system that works for you, that's why we created Wall Control. You also want to show your unique style, personality, and creativity! That's why we partnered with HangTime. It's great for showing off your Brand Logo or adding a personal touch, no matter what you choose, it's gonna be really awesome. 

So how does this work?

HangTime stocks Wall Control Vertical (32" tall x 16" wide) panels in sets of 1, 3, and 5. They also stock an assortment of Wall Control Accessory Kits.

There are some really awesome stock designs and patterns including popular requests like the American Flag and RealTree®, and College Team designs. We will also have exclusive artist designs available as well. There is also the option to upload your own image and add text and design to be custom printed onto the panels! You can add a family photo, a business logo, or a personal design to make the set up your own.

Watch HangTime's video here to learn more:

Can you lay it all out for me?

Sure thing!

Stock Designs

You can find all of the stock designs available here.

If you're interested in a single panel stock design there is a great assortment for a stand-alone panel that makes a statement. Browse single panel stock designs here

Single Pegboard Panel Camo Pattern

A 3-panel pack is a great size for an average workbench or mid-sized project. There are some fun options and this is where you're going to find the standard flag designs so definitely check them out here.

3 Panel American Flag Design

Now if you really want to make a statement and have a lot of things to store the 5-panel pack is for you. For a bold storage set up check out the 5-panel designs here.

5 Pegboards with Woodgrain Pattern

Custom Designs

Customized Wall Control Pegboard
All panels start as white and the custom design is printed on top.

You can choose a stock design and customize on top of it OR start from scratch and make it completely your own!

To customize on top of a stock design search your options here. Once you pick the design you like, go to the product listing and select the "Customize it" button. From there you will be able to add photos and text. 

To start from scratch you will choose 1 panel, 3 panels, or 5 panels. Then select the "Customize it" button and work your creative magic. 

*On all customized orders you can upload any artwork (Images, Texts, Logos) with a minimum of 72 dpi. Artwork with a higher resolution will yield a higher quality output. For the best results, 300 dpi is recommended.


At HangTime panels and accessory kits are sold separately. You can choose between the 4 Accessory kits they have available. 

Wall Control Hook Accessory KitHook Accessory Kit Display

Standard Accessory KitStandard Accessory Kit Display

Premium Accessory KitPremium Accessory Kit Display
Firearm Accessory KitFirearm Accessory Kit Example

If you would like to shop for additional hooks and accessories you can find all Wall Control Accessories here.

Your unique custom Wall Control + HangTime Storage System is waiting for you! Design and Order yours today!

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