Wall Control Gift Ideas for Dad

Dads are awesome! They do a lot for us so here are some gift ideas to say thanks for all that they do!

1. For the Grill Master - If your dad likes to grill, a good cookbook, grill gadgets, and a Wall Control panel grill station is sure to make him happy. You might even get some tasty food out of this awesome gift!

You can go big...
(Thanks for the photo Ron)

Or you can go small and still get lots of
great function out of your Wall Control!
2. For the Tool Guy - How could we talk about tools without telling you about the product we think is a workshop essential.... Wall Control! Organization in a workshop is a game changer and we like to think we have one of the best products on the market. Check out our Value Kits to find the perfect set for your Dad. Pair this with a new tool belt, or that new tool he really needs.
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(Thanks to Paul for the awesome photo!)
3. For the Tech Guy- Wall Controls Fun Size Panels make a perfect little charging station. While the small panels can really pack a punch, if your dad has lots of gear, go for one of our larger panels to hold more!
4. For the Sporty Dad - Wall Control is great for storing sports equipment. Whether its fishing, golf, weights, camping, or any other activity we've got a solution for you. Pair this with some new equipment and he'll be set for his next activity. You can also check out our Sports and Outdoors Blog for more activities and ideas!
Heavy Duty Weight Room Pegboard Gym Storage
Click here to see the items Joe Used
for this Heavy Duty gym station

Use shelves, brackets, and spring clips
to create golf storage
James used shelves, small and medium hooks,
and c-brackets to create this sweet fishing set up!

5. For the Gamer - If your dad relaxes by watching TV and playing video games we've got stuff for him too! Put together the ultimate gaming set up with Wall Control. Make it as big or as small as you want or add more to it over time!
6. For... really anyone - A Bathroom Station - Beard trimming and face shaving can be messy and you have to keep all your stuff somewhere! No one likes a crowded and messy bathroom so try a bathroom storage station using Wall Control! New shaving products or clippers would pair perfect with this gift. You can go with a smaller "Fun Size" panel or a larger one!

Not sure whats right for dad but know he'll love this idea? Get him a gift card and let him choose!

All of these Pegboard products can be found at www.WallControl.com
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