Sports Equipment Storage Ideas Using Pegboard

Sports equipment gets messy. It's bulky and no one wants to bother with putting things away after a hard day of play. We want to make it easy for you to store and organize your equipment so that when you're ready to play it's all there waiting for you. No lost baseball gloves. No searching through bins in the garage or tripping over gear all over the floor. Just easy access and easy cleanup.

Here are some ways to use Wall Control Pegboard for all types of Sports and Outdoors Gear so you can stay on the go! There are so many ways to use Wall Control and we hope you get some great ideas here and that you get creative to come up with your own solutions too!


Medium Hooks are great to hang gloves and other little items.  And shoulder pads... it's almost like the 6in shelf guards were made for them!

With football helmets, we've found that U-hooks or Medium Hooks work great. You can use one but two will give you more stability.

Medium Hooks (10-HM-002)
3in U-Hook (10-UH-003)

We love the Extended Reach Hook as storage for tape and pre-wrap. Making it easy to grab and go!


Get ready to hit the dirt! Shelvescurve tip hooks, and long hooks are all good options for glove storage. 

Curved Tip Hook (10-HZ-103)

Maybe our favorite use of a handle holder is for bat storage!
Handle Bracket (10-HH-2050)

Much like the football helmets one or two U-Hooks or Medium Hooks work great for baseball and softball helmets too! If you don't have a faceguard to hang from, flip the helmet over and use a Long Hook or Extended Reach Hook.

Extended Reach Hook (10-ER-106)
1x1in C-Bracket (10-CB-011)
3in U-Hooks (10-UH-003)

And you've gotta have your tape and shades because the little things win games! Store tape using extended reach hooks and for the sunglasses, our C-brackets work great! We have several different sizes of c-brackets but here we're using our smallest, the 1in x 1in.

Lacrosse and Tennis: 

Wall Control is a great option for lacrosse or hockey pads to store them away and let them air out at the same time because pads stink! Handle holders are also great for lacrosse sticks and tennis rackets. They come in 2 different sizes, 1-1/4in and 2in, both of which will typically work for these items.

Our awesome customer Dory uses an assortment
of hooks for lacrosse gear storage.

2in Handle Holder (10-HH-3050)
2in Handle Holder (10-HH-3050)

2in Handle Holder (10-HH-3050)


Store bikes with heavy-duty hooks and helmets using U-Hooks, Medium Hooks or any other one that will work for you! Add more hooks for bike locks, air pumps, tires, tools, and any other gadgets you might have.

Heavy Duty Hooks (10-HD-012)
Heavy Duty Hooks (10-HD-012)

Medium Hook (10-HM-002)
U-Hook (10-UH-003)


*Update 10-15-2020: Golf Storage Blog Post can be found HERE!
Here's the line up of what is being used in the golf set up below:
*Shelves and Clamp Brackets come in 4 sizes (4in, 6in, 9in, 12in)

Water Sports: 

Wall Control is great for water activity storage because it allows items to hang and air out and the pegboards will not rust or corrode due to water thanks to its galvanized and powder-coated finish! An assortment of long, medium, and short hooks, shelves, U-hooks, and Extended reach hooks are being used for these water sport and beach set ups.


Outdoor gear is fun and easy to store and organize with Wall Control!
For climbing gear we love U-hooks for ropes and harnesses. Extended reach hooks, long hooks, and curve tip hooks are great for cams and quickdraws. For helmets and bags we like medium hooks and U-Hooks. Shoes, chalk bags and other small items can be stored using medium hooks or any number of our other hook types. Get some inspo from these pics!
Photo courtesy of Nik

Noel was our photo contest winner for 2019's 1st quarter!

Jim's awesome set up!

Kirby uses Medium hooks to keep his shoes and chalk hanging in his room!


This fishing storage is using handle holders, lots of 1x1in c-brackets, and some 2x2in c-brackets to slide your poles through. Medium hooks and shelves for bait and other gear.
Thanks for the photo James!

Gym Workout Equipment : 

Use an assortment of hooks to store gym equipment!
Joe was our 2018 1st quarter Photo Contest Winner with this gym equipment storage. Check out those chains on the Heavy Duty Hooks!


Other Fun Stuff!

Xander won the photo contest with his sweet Nerf gun storage! Using Heavy Duty Hooks for the Mega Gun, Shelves, Hanging bins for the bullets, lots of U-Hooks, and some Extended Reach Hooks.

U-Hooks are Perfect for Skateboard Storage!

Disc Golf or Ultimate Frisbee storage with 4in U-Hooks
Horses have stuff too! Organize their home with Wall Control :) Awesome Barn Storage Idea!

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