How to Store Golf Equipment using Wall Control Metal Pegboard!

Great golf equipment organization is actually very easy with Wall Control Metal Pegboard! You can accomplish a nice looking set up by loading up a single panel or make a larger one with multiple panels if you have the space and gear.

In this blog, we will highlight and give you the links to all of the accessories in this photo which we recommend for clean and easy golf equipment storage.

Golf Equipment Storage Set Up

Golf Club Storage

There are 3 options we have found that work great for golf club storage. YOU get to decide which one you like!

Option 1: Clamp Rack Brackets

Brackets for Golf Club Storage
The clamp rack brackets are the best vertical storage option we have found. The 4in brackets are pictured here but these brackets are available in 4 different depths (4in, 6in, 9in, and 12in). Choose the depth of the bracket based on the number of clubs you want to hang per pair. 

The 4in brackets hold about 1-2, the 6in holds about 2-3, the 9in holds about 3-4, and the 12in holds about 4-5 (this may vary depending on the head size on the clubs).

Option 2: Slanted U-Shaped Hook

Hook for Golf Club Storage
The Slanted U-Hook works for horizontal club storage. Have a fancy club you want to showcase on your wall? This is your guy. 

Option 3: Rod Brackets

Wall Control Golf Club Storage
The rod brackets are great for clean horizontal storage that optimizes your space.

Other Equipment and Gear

Rubber Hook Liner

Rubber Hook Liner for Golf Equipment Organization
An unsung hero. The hook liner adds extra grip and padding so that clubs and gear are less apt to slide around if bumped and adds an extra layer of protection against scratches. 

Hanging Storage Bins

Great for storing and organizing golf tees, golf balls, and other miscellaneous items. Please note the bin hanger is sold separately, you will definitely want that if you plan to hang the bins directly to the Wall Control panel. 

Bonus: In the golf set up photo we have the swing speed monitor clipped onto the bin hanger by its built-in kickstand. Depending on your monitor you could do this or use hooks or a shelf to hang it instead.

Magnet Clips

Although we do not sell magnet clips like the ones pictured, they can be easily found and office supply stores and online. The clips are very handy for storing and organizing golf gloves or maybe displaying your winning scorecard!

Not Pictured But Just As Handy


Wall Control shelves are available in 4 different depths (4in, 6in, 9in, and 12in). They are great for miscellaneous storage. We're thinking golf shoes, boxes of balls and tees, monitors, gloves, hats, and any other equipment that needs a home!


We've got lots of different types of hooks: U-Hook, Standard Hook, Medium Hook, Long Hook, Curved Tip Hook, Paint Brush Hook

These hooks can store hats, bags, and other miscellaneous items that need hanging. Just pick the one that best fits your needs!

We hope you are walking away with some great ideas to step up your Golf Equipment Storage and Organization Game. 

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