10 Ideas For How To Use The Shelf Guard and Wall Containment Stabilizing Bracket

We just released new addition to our product line, The Shelf Guard and Wall Containment Stabilizing Bracket, and we want to share some ideas on the many ways it can be used!

We care about your stuff and we want you to be as organized and mess free as possible! Fully trust Wall Control to hold your items securely. We created this bracket so you don't have to worry about anything sliding around or falling over to potentially break or create a mess.

  • The Shelf Guard comes in four depth sizes: 4 inch, 6 inch, 9 inch and 12 inches deep. 
  • Each size comes in Red, Blue, Black, or White.
  • All Shelf Guards are 4 inches tall.

We are SO excited about these brackets and are already using them all over in our Wall Control Office!

We use our drill a lot around here and we know you do to. For easy drill storage we like to hang ours with U-hooks and keep the charger and other accessories right below on a shelf with a shelf guard bracket for quick and easy access! The Shelf Guard pictured here is the 6 inch size.

The Shelf Guard and Wall Containment Bracket also plays nice with our hanging accessories! You can hang the Screwdriver Holder, Slotted Tool Holder, and Hanging Bins to maximize your storage space.

Folding sports and camping chairs are a pain to store and we found that using a Wall Containment Stabilizing Bracket is a great way to keep chairs propped up and out of the way yet still create easy access to the chairs when you need them. You can choose to rest the bottom of the chairs on a shelf like in the picture or just set them on the ground. Pictured here we are using the 9 inch bracket which will hold 3-5 chairs depending on the chairs size. The 12 inch bracket will hold 4-7 chairs depending on chair size.

For items that can slide easily or will make a mess if fallen, like paint cans, it's a great idea to keep a Shelf Guard around them. If it accidentally gets bumped you're safe from unnecessary spills. The 9in bracket is pictured here.

A neat way to use the bracket is to combine it with our shelf dividers! The 9in Shelf Dividers fit inside the 9 inch bracket and can create "compartments" or "sleeves".


With a lip on the shelf you are free to load up to the edges without worrying about things sliding off. We love it as Arts and Crafts supplies storage.

For the Sports fans. The bracket can be used to store lacrosse sticks, bats, tennis rackets, and other sports equipment you want to easily throw in for storage. It can also act as a bin to store baseballs, tennis balls etc. For more Sports Equipment Organization see our Blog Post Here for more ideas!

It is also perfect for football shoulder pads storage. You just slide the pads right in for easy storage and easy access. We used the 6 inch stabilizing bracket for ours.


The 4 inch Shelf Guard also works on the 4in shelf that comes with the Paper Towel Holder. Throw your cleaning supplies in and you're all set!

BONUS IDEA: My favorite way to use the Shelf Guard here in the office is as a snack bin next to my desk. It's almost a little TOO convenient (said as I brush crumbs from my keyboard).

You can find more great ideas on how to use Wall Control on our Facebook and Pinterest Pages and, as always, we love to see your creativity with our products.

Got any more great ideas for the shelf guard? Let us know in the comments, we'd love to hear them!

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