6 Places to Organize in your Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Does the Coronavirus have you stuck inside? If you're bored during your social distancing and quarantine we've got some ideas on how to use this time to stay busy and get organized!

Why should you spend your time organizing? It'll get you moving, activity is energizing and will make you feel good! You get the satisfaction of and using your time productively to get things done, because who doesn't enjoy the feeling of accomplishment? You will also get to enjoy a clean fresh space while you're spending time at home and in the future!

Where to start? We recommend taking it one category or section at a time.
Here are some ideas:


Go through the pantry and get rid of those spices that expired 10 years ago... you know the ones. Rearrange your pots, pans, utensils, and other cookware. You might discover a new organization solution you like better! If you need a place for frequently used or hard to store items you can always use Wall Control for clean kitchen and pantry storage. Check out our Kitchen and Pantry Pegboard Storage Kits and a Gallery of Kitchen Organization Photos to get some new ideas.



The old charger from your first cell phone can probably go. Whether you have a massive electronics collection or a small one, this is a great time to get rid of and recycle some old outdated items and organize the stuff you use! Make a new charging station or an awesome video game storage set up. Check out our Video Game Organization Set Up How-To guide here!



If you need an escape from the home, you cant go far but you can go to the garage! Odds are you've got enough in there to keep you organizing for a while. You might realize you have way more hammers than you thought. Or find great grandmas fine china that you are definitely going to use someday ;) Sports Gear and Equipment Everywhere. Whatever it is in your storage or tools, clean it up so you know where things are! You'll be more likely to use it and waist less time searching for items you need. Wall Control Pegboard Tool Storage Value Kits or Lawn and Garden Tool Organizers are a great place to start! Use our Best Selling Standard Workbench Kit like the one below, or customize it to fit your style like this sweet sports fan set up. More Garage and Tool Photos here.


Papers, pens, computers, cords, calendars, printers, files. Get it cleaned up! Maybe you have some time off to clean up, or maybe its crazier than ever and a clean desk would really help get things done! Whether you are working from home or homeschooling desk organization is awesome for a productive workday. We have Pegboard Office and Desk Organizer Kits and Desk Organization Photos for inspiration.


Arts and Crafts

This is a great time to do all of the crafting you've been "diy"ing to get done. Enjoy the slow down and let you're creative mind run wild. If you find that your craft room needs some new organization and storage you can always count on Wall Control. Kids craft supplies, markers, paints, sewing supplies, and everything can be ruled with a customizable pegboard system. Oh yeah...We also have some new hooks that are perfect for thread spool organization, check them out here! See our Craft & Hobby Value Kits and our Craft Room Organization Photo Album for more ideas.


Kids Rooms and Toys

Kids are home, you're working, homeschooling, or whatever it is thats going on. This could be a great time to go through, purge, and organize children's rooms and toys. Make a donation pile and have the kids add old clothes they can't wear anymore and toys they don't play with. The toys they do use will be easier for them to find and a reduction of clutter will make it easier for them to clean up in the future! If you need and easy, kid friendly storage solution Wall Control Pegboard makes clean up easy. Kids storage and organization for legos, nerf guns, electronics, arts and crafts, collections, and more! See creative children's room pegboard storage ideas Here and a Lego Storage How-To Guide Here!



Every home has its corners and drawers that are cluttered and full of stuff. If you don't then you are a super hero house cleaner organizer person. What a good opportunity you have to go to those scary places you've been avoiding and put everything away. A fresh entryway, living area, a bulletin board command center, calendar station, whatever it is for you, get after it and you will feel so much better when its over. Wall Control Fun Size pegboard panels are great for smaller, hard to organize areas that need some love and organization. You can also style Wall Control to match your decor with all of the color options! You can check out our Laundry Room Organizer Kit and see more Wall Control Home Pegboard Organization Ideas here!

We hope you keep from getting stir crazy and use the extra time you have as a gift! Rest, enjoy the ones you are with, conserve your TP, and stay safe.

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Featured in this article are photo submissions from our awesome customers and Brand Ambassadors!
Pink Kids Craft Station: Her Tool Belt
Red and Yellow Kids Toy Storage: Isaam
White Sewing Set Up: Andrea
Yellow Craft Station: Kristen
White Tool Storage: Paul
Kitchen Pots: Karen
Kitchen Pantry: Lea
Nerf Guns: Jordan