Can I use Wall Control for Technology Storage and Organization?

 Yes. Yes, you can!

In this post, we will highlight how to use Wall Control to store and organize in a few different categories around technology equipment and supplies. There is no "best" way to do it which means that you can customize your set up to fit your equipment and preferences. We are here to give you some ideas to get you started and you can run with it to make your set up just right for you!

Video Game Organization

Video Game setups are pretty easy to put together and can make a huge difference in the cleanliness of the game room/bedroom. Think no more controllers, cords, and headsets strewn about. We have an entire Video Game Storage Guide you can study up on HERE

Home Charging Station

For the handy little home base charging doc pictured below we used the following items:
- Medium Hook (10-HM-002) for the Go Pro Camera
- 14in Hanger (10-AH-014) and 3 Hanging Bins (10-30-210) for odds and ends. A charging cord and be passed behind the 14in hanger, this keeps a cleaner look for the setup. 
- If you have a larger pegboard panel with extra room you can also add a power strip for charging!

The great thing is that there are many ways to hang each item and you can make the station as large as you need.

If you need a more professional or larger video/camera battery charging station we recommend viewing this video created by professional filmmakers on how they created a Wall Control charging station for their cameras.

Desktop Computer Cord Containment

Desktop Cords can be a mess. Especially when you add in the routers, clocks, printers, chargers, etc. Our customer Barry came up with a creative solution for the 12"x16" fun size panels. He mounted them to the back of the desk and used zip ties and twist ties to route the cords. Our 1x1 C-Brackets (10-CB-011) and 2x2 C-Brackets (10-CB-022) also work great for directing cords and cables.

Below is another example of cord organization by our customer Scott. Unlike Barry, he mounted his panel to the wall and used a shelf for some of the larger items.

Robotics Equipment

If you or the kids are into robotics we had a great photo sent to us by the Bot Bash Summer Camp! They use Wall Control to store and organize their robotics equipment making it easy for the kids to use and clean up.

We hope this sparks some ideas for you to create your own Wall Control station so you don't let those controllers and cords take over!

If you have a creative Wall Control tech setup or great ideas we would love to see/hear them! Leave a comment below or shoot us an email at